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Founded in Buenos Aires in 2016, Viví Marketing is a boutique global agency. We work with clients in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Spain, and the US, and are expanding rapidly, signing clients in new locations. We focus on business growth for both established companies and startups through performance marketing, SEO, email marketing, and automation.

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“Being a Google Partner gives us the power to be more proactive with our clients, who value it because they know we’re one step ahead of the competition.”

Virginia Dendi

CEO and Founder, Viví Marketing

Our Google Partners experience

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From the day we launched Viví Marketing in 2016, our goal has been to help our clients grow by providing them with relevant resources to help them succeed. That’s why it was crucial for us to join the Google Partners program early on. We knew that Google Partners receive unparalleled training, support, and resources and that a Partner badge would give us a competitive edge. Within a couple of months of launching the agency, we were able to join the program, and our Partner status has been a point of pride ever since – one that continues to pay off.

The Google Partners program has been beside us every step of the way as we've grown. We've gained industry insights that have helped us innovate and provide our clients with greater value to effectively optimize their campaigns and grow their businesses.

Today, the Google Partners program continues to provide our team with comprehensive product training that positions us as experts in a very competitive market. Google’s Skillshop training helps us certify account strategists, which has been a huge motivator for our team to continuously build on our knowledge.

Our status as a Google Partner generates enormous awareness and confidence in the marketplace, helping us secure new business while strengthening our relationships with current clients. As we move into new markets, the Partner badge provides us with the credibility to start from scratch.

While we enjoy the benefits of being a Partner, we already have our eyes on the next goal: becoming a Premier Partner and being eligible for a Premier Partner Award.

The value of partnership

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Strategic insights from Google help us bring greater value to our customers

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Skillshop certifications motivate our team to learn and gain expertise

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Our Partner badge gives us credibility as we expand into new markets

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