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The Google Partners program provides us with access to insights, data, and product experts enabling our agency to double our customer base within the past 18 months.

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Founded in 2009 and based in Toronto, Canada, we are a digital marketing agency focused on helping small- and medium-sized businesses across North America succeed online. We currently have 80 employees and provide digital marketing services for over 5,000 clients. Our specialty is lead generation for home services and professional services industries.

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In this fast-changing digital space, we must adapt our business regularly. The Google Partners program supports our efforts to drive customer success, by providing access to industry, product, and Search insights that we can then package to our customers.

Matthew Glickman

Co-founder & Executive Vice President, SearchKings

Our Google Partners experience

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Since day one, SearchKings has provided Google Ads services. In 2016, we became a Premier Partner when the new tier was launched in Canada, which was a huge moment of celebration for us. Putting the Premier Partner badge on our website helped legitimize our services and expertise. As our Vice President of Partnerships and Strategy, Nir Kushnir, notes, “Customers know they are entering into a relationship with an organization that can be trusted.”

The Google Partners program provides us with industry insights that help us with benchmarking, and enables us to better understand important changes in customers' search behavior and needs. Through the program, we have been able to access advanced product training, account performance reports, and special events.

We are proud to display our Premier Partner badge on our website. Having the designation helps us stand out from the crowd and raises the bar for our employees while our Skillshop certifications help us maximize our customers' Google Ads performance. It’s about showing customers we have the credibility, reliability, and ability to make their businesses succeed online.

The value of partnership

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Our Premier Partner badge lets prospects and clients know that we are a trusted adviser

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Access to industry insights help us with benchmarking and better understanding consumer search behaviors

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Being a Premier Partner raises the bar while our Skillshop certifications help our employees maximize their Google Ads performance

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