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Driving global expansion with advanced training and high-touch support through the Google Premier Partners program.

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Relevance Digital Agency launched in Athens, Greece, in 2013 to build strategies that help businesses exceed their reach and ROI. Today, our 100 employees are spread across four business units–performance marketing, creative, development, and data analytics–to offer end-to-end marketing solutions rooted in business intelligence. Relevance’s mission is to help clients make informed decisions with cutting-edge digital tools for better attribution and automation, empowering them to be agile, be relevant, and achieve more in an ever-evolving digital world.

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The certifications, trainings, tools and insights, access to exclusive events and awards, and support from Google that comes from being a Premier Partner nurtures a growth mindset and helps us see the bigger picture. It’s a game-changer, it’s inspiring, and it puts us in a different league on a daily basis.

Thanassis Sofianos

Founder & CE0, Relevance Digital Agency

Our Google Partners experience

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Relevance Digital Agency became a Google Premier Partner in 2013, just a few months after our launch. Prior to establishing our track record, we benefited early on from brand association with Google, inspiring confidence among prospective clients that helped us grow. We have now expanded from a team of two to an agency of 100, driving successful marketing campaigns for clients around the world.

As a Premier Partner, we value Google’s high-touch support, speaking with account managers on a daily basis and often pulling them  into client meetings. This support allows us to provide our clients with the data-driven insights, deep analysis, and innovative tools they need to grow. It has also helped us to win an EMEA Google Premier Partner Award for applying diversity, equity, and inclusion principles throughout our campaigns, further establishing our position in the market.

In order to stay ahead of marketing trends and support our clients, all Relevance employees take advantage of Premier Partner trainings and certifications. These include the Google Partners International Growth Program, which empowers agencies to help clients expand into international markets. We plan to expand globally to help our international clients with localisation, and we are opening our second office, in Milan, in the spring of 2022. As we grow, Google Partner trainings enable us to level up our current staff and to train new employees when entering new markets.

Most importantly, we credit our partnership with Google for creating a growth mindset that has allowed us to understand the industry beyond the limited Greek market. As we undertake global expansion, we will continue to look to Google for the insights and support we need to create winning campaigns for a growing international clientele.

The value of partnership

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Advanced training from the Google Premier Partners program has helped to level up our team to take on global expansion.

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Thanks to our Premier Partner status, we enjoy a strong, collaborative relationship with Google account managers who provide us with unparallelled insights to guide campaigns.

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Before establishing our reputation, the Google Partner badge provided us with market validation, enabling us to grow.

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