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Founded in 2016, New Engen is a modern, digital marketing agency managing nearly $800M in ad spend per year. We help brands at all maturity levels – from heritage to disruptor – learn, evolve, and thrive. Leveraging research, creativity, media expertise, and technology, we help brands achieve breakthrough results in advertising. Our clients are kept at the forefront of digital marketing through continuous, technology-enabled ad testing, and an open, data-rich feedback loop between marketing, analytics, and creative. New Engen is based in Seattle with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Charlotte, and Charlottesville.

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One thing I really value is that the Google Partners program brings our agency helpful resources, such as advanced product trainings, insights reports, and product certifications that align with our vision for our staff and customers... Candidly, Google is one of the best partnerships we have.

Justin Hayashi

Co-founder and CEO, New Engen

Our Google Partners experience

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At New Engen, we’ve helped clients grow their businesses with Google Ads campaigns since 2016, and we’ve been a Premier Partner since 2018. This partnership has fundamentally changed the way we operate, think about our services, and align our teams. It’s had a massive influence on our business and the 6,000+ Google campaigns we manage in a very positive way.

Google Ads products are constantly evolving and improving. Gaining insights into what those changes will look like and how to deploy best practices is hugely valuable to our business and our clients. From training and certifications to access to resources and product experts — plus events that bring Google Partners and thought leaders together — Google Partners is a customized program for our team, which is extremely valuable to us.

Knowing how Google Ads works and making sure we’re driving maximum performance is critical. That’s why all of our new hires go through the Skillshop certification program. We also consistently maintain an 80-percent optimization score — which allows us to layer in Google’s recommendations to drive the best outcomes for clients. These program requirements up the game and elevate performance for both our agency and our clients, so it’s a win-win.

Being a Premier Partner goes well beyond the day-to-day support; we receive honest, direct feedback and direction to steer our business. As we think about expansion, Google Partners will be with us, bringing tailored solutions that meet our long-term goals.

The value of partnership

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Our agency benefits from Google Partners through access to advanced product trainings, product experts, events, and awards

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Certifications help our strategists learn and deploy Google Ads best practices

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Our consistent 80% optimization score for accounts helps our team run our clients' campaigns at peak potential

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