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Hoffmann Murtaugh is a woman-owned company and is one of the fastest-growing integrated marketing agencies in Pittsburgh. We were founded in 2004 by Shea Murtaugh, and today we’re a full-service media planning and buying agency with additional offices in Harrisburg, Cleveland, and Rochester. Our clients are local, regional, and national companies in education, healthcare, human resources, payroll, and other areas as well. We work in-person and remotely, so we’ve stayed ahead of the technology curve. We have the team, tools, and experience needed to find success in today’s competitive media landscape.

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“Clients are savvy enough now to look for the Google Partner badge. Without it, we wouldn’t have the business we have today.”

Jeff Louis

Senior Search Engine Marketing Manager, Hoffmann Murtaugh

Our Google Partners experience

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As with anything you want to master, it helps to have partners who created the category. To become experts in digital advertising, we asked ourselves, “Why not partner with Google?” It was a no-brainer! Hoffmann Murtaugh has managed Google Ads campaigns for clients since 2012, and we’ve been a Google Partner since 2014.

Search engine marketing has become so much richer and more diverse than it was 5 or 10 years ago. That’s why it’s so helpful that the Google Partners program provides us with the resources and knowledge to adapt to this changing landscape and help our clients succeed. We share insights provided by Google to help clients better understand their markets, the competition, trends, and industry changes.

Google also provides machine learning and automation tools to help us surface recommendations for our campaigns. Maintaining a strong optimization score ensures our campaigns are performing at the optimal level and helps us see where we may be missing out – on clicks, conversions, keywords, or other strategies we haven’t thought of.

Clients are now savvy enough to look for the Google Partner badge. Without it, we wouldn’t have the business we have today. Being certified in Google Ads lends credibility to our agency, as it reassures current and prospective clients that we’ll run their campaigns competently. Google’s Skillshop training program keeps our team up to date and certified on all Google Ads products.

As our agency keeps growing, we’re continuing to expand our investment in Google Ads campaign managers to support our clients’ success. If you run Google Ads campaigns, we think it’s critical to be a Google Partner – it will set any agency apart.

The value of partnership

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Being a Google Partner gives us credibility, resources, and knowledge

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Optimization score helps us identify new campaign strategies

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Google Ads Certifications show our skills and ability to serve clients

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