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How the Google Partners program helped First Page become an industry-leading pioneer in digital marketing.

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Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, First Page is an integrated digital marketing agency with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Panama, and Brazil. With an initial focus on SEO services, we’ve since expanded our services to include social media marketing, branding, and risk management. We serve over 2,000 clients in local, regional, and global capacities. Since setting up our agency in 2013, we’ve built up significant momentum by offering Google-related products and services, becoming a Premier Partner in 2019.

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“Being a Premier Partner immediately establishes trust and enables us to focus on the details and results of the campaign. Ultimately, it comes down to presenting clients with solutions that they can confidently approve, knowing they have the support of both Google, as well as us, to ensure their success.”

Lars Maehler

General Manager, First Page

Our Google Partners experience

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Being a Premier Partner has helped us develop and refine our core services to better serve existing clients and attract new leads. Resources from the Partners program have allowed our clients to gain confidence and trust in our collaborations.

Digital marketing needs to be backed by extensive research despite its highly practical nature. Google offers vital support when it comes to researching the latest advertising practices. As a member of the Google Partners program, we’ve been able to receive the support we need to position ourselves ahead in this competitive landscape.

For example, continuous updates and rollouts of new solutions have been critical in maintaining our leadership status, improving our marketing capabilities, and helping grow our business. With these resources, we have been able to provide diverse services that have helped our clients approach each channel more effectively and achieve business goals.

Furthermore, direct support from the Google team has been invaluable in growing our skill sets. After joining the Partners program, we’ve had opportunities to attend training sessions that equip us with the knowledge we need to best serve our clients.

Lastly, being part of the Google Partners program has enabled us to cement our reputation as digital marketing experts and gain our clients’ trust. This isn’t just a supporting factor when onboarding new clients – it’s vital for maintaining client relationships and growing various accounts.

Clients greatly value working with us due to our Premier Partner status. They appreciate the fact that Premier Partners can provide more comprehensive and reputable services on a much larger scale. This enables customers to commit to campaigns with First Page with confidence, and it’s why we often see that being a Premier Partner is a critical consideration in many RFPs.

We take pride in our partnership with Google. We look forward to continuing growing our business and our clients’ success with the Google Partners program.

The value of partnership

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Google Partners has helped us retain and acquire clients while maintaining our leadership status

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Being a Premier Partner helps establish trust and highlights our credibility

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The program helps us better serve clients with campaigns supported by Google training

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