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As a digital media agency, EPA Digital focuses on both performance marketing and branding. We work with over 25 clients from different industries with ecommerce, lead generation and branding objectives across Mexico and Central America. Since our founding over ten years ago, we’ve relied on Google to deliver success for our customers, and we became a Google Partner in 2013. We pride ourselves on consistently being among the earliest adopters of Google solutions in Mexico.

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Being a Premier Partner is a fundamental part of our agency’s success thanks to the certifications, education, and strategic insights it provides. As a Premier Partner, we know we’re delivering the best data and solutions to our clients.

José Ignacio González

Founder & General Manager, EPA Digital

Our Google Partners experience

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At EPA Digital, we focus on optimizing performance and branding for our clients by using analytics and insights. But we don’t do it alone: we know how valuable strong partnerships can be, so when the opportunity to become a Google Partner arose in 2013, we jumped at it, and later became a Premier Partner. “Being a Premier Partner has been invaluable to the growth of our business and the results we’ve achieved for our clients,” says our Founder and General Manager, José Ignacio González.

Because Google Ads performance optimization is at the core of what we do, we often use optimization score as a success metric within our agency. And to make sure our agency is constantly improving on this, we rely on Skillshop certifications to stay up to date on best practices. “Our team has over 75 certifications, so our clients can feel confident that we’re pushing their online presence to the leading edge,” González explains.

With an educated, certified staff, we’re able to optimize client accounts using insights received through the Google Partners program to build confidence and achieve results across our accounts.

“Overall, being a Premier Partner has given us a competitive advantage when it comes to securing and deepening client relationships,” says González. “Our agency’s growth relies on our ability to attract and retain clients, and our Premier Partner badge helps tremendously because of the trust it helps us build with them. With our training, insights and account performance reports, they are confident in our ability to optimize their businesses — and so are we.”

The value of partnership

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Optimization scores serve as success metrics for client accounts and general agency performance

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Product certifications through Skillshop train our team on the latest product innovations for our clients

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Google Partners special events connect our team with other industry leaders and inform us of trends and product releases

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